Fashioning through design is intended to be a documentation of the journey of teaching the bright young fashion design students in my classes at ISDI Mumbai. I’ve been an educator in the discipline of Fashion Design for the last twenty years and what has really made it worthwhile, is to see the transformation each student goes through as a result of fashion design education. There’s a great power in attempting to study something that mocks convention, but adores experimentation; that leaves behind certainty to dangerously flirt with uncertainty and that influences and inspires. Fashion, inexplicably continues to stay relevant and desirable in and through the ebb and flow of changing views about what makes life meaningful. Often derided for being a vain pursuit with trifling redeeming qualities, fashion still continues to be a compelling force in our everyday lives. How do we explain its phenomenon, its power of myth and its social and cultural significance? More importantly, how do students equipped with these insights, design fashion? How does it shape their creative process? How do they unpack its many nuances? This blog will document the conversations, the classroom exercises and the creative processes of students with a view to developing an axiological structure for fashion design

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